CNC Electronics: Service & Repair

Your Single Source Electronic Repair for Metal CNC Machines

We service more than 80 component brands and more than 25 machine tool manufacturers.  We repair Servo Motors – Circuit Boards – Encoders – Power Supplies/Drives – Spindle Drives – Resolvers – Monitors – Motor Controls – Transducers – Keypads

When your CNC machine breaks down, it can cost you time and money.  Your production rate decreases, you may miss critical shipping dates, and you may even risk customer relationships.  You need to get the problem resolved, so you can get production back on track.

Repairing your CNC Machine quickly isn’t always as simple as one might think.  If you don’t select the right electronics repair company, it can delay your repair by days or even weeks…resulting in even more downtime.

CNC Machine Controls

Pick the Right Source the First Time

Most repair companies specialize in one niche.  If other problems are found during the diagnosis, some brand repair facilities may be unable to fix them.  This means greater downtime and more cost for your business, while you search for an additional supplier.  In addition, other repair companies repair without testing.  This could affect the performance of your machine, the integrity of the finished product, or could cause premature failure.

Obsolete Control Systems

Obtaining replacement parts for older CNC Machines can be difficult for many large Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), because many of the parts are unavailable or obsolete.  Rather than go through the trouble of finding you the part you need, these companies will tell you that you need to retire your control and retro-fit with a new, current control at great expense.  Why replace your control, when a refurbished or re-manufactured part will avoid this unnecessary expense.

CNC wiring repair

Onsite, Exchange & Emergency Service

We offer a variety of repair services.  If your need is critical, we can provide you with a replacement/exchange.  If you require field service, we offer that as well. Our experienced techs will analyze, diagnose, and identify the problem in a timely manner.  We also offer emergency repair service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If we don’t pick up right away, we generally can return your call within the hour.