Emergency Breakdown Service

At a fraction of the cost of new OEM way covers, Rubin Engineering & Sales can service, repair and refurbish damaged or worn out way covers FAST. We can also custom engineer way cover systems to meet unique designs and requirements.

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Waycover Before and After

Service Offerings Include:

  • No Charge Evaluation
  • Reverse engineering of existing way covers
  • Straightening, cleaning and polishing of steel sections
  • Repair or replacement of scissors, guides, rollers and wipers
  • On-site service

CNC Way Cover Variations

CNC Way Cover Repair

CNC way covers, also known as bellows or bellow covers, often become worn over time or damaged during the course of typical machining operations. At Rubin Engineering and Sales, our experts will inspect, refurbish, repair, and service CNC way covers of all types and sizes. 

Custom Aluminum Parts


CNC Way Cover Repair Capabilities

Rubin Engineering provides a complete evaluation of your machine’s way cover free of charge. We identify any existing wear or damage and reverse engineer to manufacture a new cover. Our services include proper maintenance for your way covers, including straightening, cleaning, and polishing the steel sections. We will also repair or replace damaged guides, rollers, scissors, wipers, or any other components of the way cover.   

Rubin Engineering will deploy technicians to your site upon request. While most of our on-site service occurs in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin region, we can send repair specialists virtually anywhere in the United States. 


What is a Way Cover and What Does It Do?

The CNC way cover is critical to CNC machine operations, providing a protective guard that prevents contaminants from entering machinery and impacting the functionality of CNC machine components. Common contaminants blocked by CNC way covers include metal chips, chips of material, abrasives, swarf, and liquid agents. 

The way cover protects vital CNC components like the ways, ball screw, and guardrail without interfering with machine operation the way a single-piece cover sometimes will. A custom-designed way cover allows the components a full range of motion in any CNC machine.


What are the Types of Way Covers?

CNC machines rely on two primary types of way covers. bellow or telescopic. 

  • Bellow. The bellow cover has an accordion design with high compression, making it ideal for applications with limited space. These covers are typically made of lightweight materials, such as coated fabric, rubber, and steel. Common fabrics include sewn Kevlar and nylon in various shapes. Molded elastomers and rubbers may be included to protect against different risk factors.
  • Telescopic. Telescopic way covers are available in a variety of shapes, often allowing movement on multiple axes. The durable steel or stainless steel cover interlocks with a replaceable polyurethane wiper that acts as a seal. The way cover can be flat, slanted, roof-shaped, or vertical sliding to meet a range of application needs. Rollers (such as ball or needle bearings) allow the telescopic way cover to move smoothly.


Rely on Rubin Engineering for Your CNC Way Cover Services

At Rubin Engineering, we deliver high-quality repair services on CNC way covers of all designs. Our engineers can also conduct a variety of other CNC machine repair services upon request. Though we primarily operate in the Midwest, we can also serve much of the U.S. with on-site service when needed. We most frequently work in cities such as:

  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Cincinnati, Ohio 
  • Indianapolis, Indiana 
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Rockford, Illinois 

Rubin Engineering has experience servicing CNC machine tools of every brand, including Mim, Mazak, Haas, Henning, and more. To see how our way cover services or other CNC machine repair capabilities can benefit your operation, please call us or request a quote today.